Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 things I am thankful for today.

1. For my 2 wonderful children. I love how they make me laugh, cry and feel all warm and fuzzy. The chance to be a mummy is somthing I am truly thankful for. Yeah, its hard work but somthing I cherish for they are the most amazing people Ive ever known. Im also thankful that they are healthy, happy, energetic individuals.

2. Chocolate ♥...what more can I say. Chocolate is the soul of life! LOL.

3. My husband. My soul mate, my rock, my buddy. We laugh together, cry together, play together and I look foward to growing old together.

4. Jonah our puppy. Yeah, he smells, farts and escapes out of our yard...but he is also smooshie, fun and our baby. He shows each of us unconditional love and he sure knows where his home is. We'd be lost without him.

5.Flowers...they bring sunshine to any room.

6. Our home. In this day and age we are very fortunate to have our own home. A place in this huge world to call ours and ours alone. A place we can put our own mark on. A place that we can come out of this crazy fast world and retreat. Im also thankful that we are close enough to walk to school and our friends homes.

7. Hair straightners. Heehee, just for those days when my hair is not behaving, i have my trusty ol' straightner to tame it. It straigtens, waves and makes my hair go from blah to whoop whoop!

8. Tea. Mmmmm, you have to agree theres nothing more soothing than a real cuppa tea. Perfect with that piece of toast and marmalaide for breakfast or when you are feeling low and for some strange reason a nice warm cuppa makes things just a tad better. I love my tea in a tea pot, with tea leaves...not bags. I like 'em tea, black tea, herbal tea....whatever the time of day....mmmmm, might go have one now,(mayby with a small piece of chocolate lol)

9. Spring and autumn. Those inbetween seasons are the bomb arnt they? Theres somthing snuggly about the autumn evenings, looking foward to soups and blankets...but then once spring arrives...the flowers bloom, butterflys are out and the beach is nice. Those seasons are not too hot or too cold. They are perfect.

10.God...for without him, Id have none of these things so for that, Im thankful to him.

What about you...?

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