Saturday, September 4, 2010

Framed vintage art.

So... being the start of spring and all (yay!!!) My arsty, fartsy side has been coming out and Ive been indulging a little in my whimsical love.

I've had a heap of heavy wooden frames I bort years ago just sitting packed away in a container.  I had them on my wall for some time but after a few years I took them down as I like to constantly change the feel of my place.  I was going through this box a few days ago and thought...hmmmmmm, they are very dark stained wood, and Im not too sure if i like the colour of them anymore *blush*

SO, I thought I would breath new life into them and give my home a few new wall hangings.  Give my walls a beath of new life.  As you can see from the pics I went a little crazy. LOL

Here is a before pic of the frames...

Just before their makeover.

I painted them white with an undercoat paint.  once dried I lightly sanded the edges to get that vintage look.
I then printed out some awesome pics from  The graphics fairy . I spent hours trolling thru amazing clipart that was on this site.  I printed out a few pics I realy liked and had a bit of a play.
I relised printing them out on plain paper was, just a bit too plain.  So I used an old french bible that i found at a second hand store for $2 and printed each of the pics onto a page from the bible.  It was very different.
I was quite happy with the end result.
 This was what the end result was...

The one above with the little sparrow is my absolute fav!

Im now tempted to do a frame collage on one of my walls as they all look so great bunched together...hmmmmm, another thought for another day....


  1. absolutely gorgeous!
    I just love them!

  2. Perfection! Love how these look!

  3. Love your framed items and how you created the frame's look. But I have a did you manage to print out onto book pages w/o causing a printer problem?

  4. Popping in from Brag Monday at the Graphics Fairy. Great post! I LOVE how those images look printed on that paper!

  5. First time visiting!!! Love your frames!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

    best regards,


  6. Love them! What a great idea to print on old book pages. (I'm assuming that's what you did) Got a chuckle out of reading the first sentence of your post. I had to double check the date and that you actually said "SPRING"!! It's the first few days of fall up here in Canada!

  7. Hi all, thanks for the comments all, I truly appreciate it.

    Peggy B....I printed myy graphic onto normal A4 paper to make sure it looked ok, then I placed my bible paper over the top of the graphic and taped the corners very carefuly, ran it through the printer again. I then carefuly peeled back the tape and your done. Great way to do invites too.
    Leah will def. check out your link!
    Adrienne....Its funny isnt it, being opposite side of the world yet we meet here on the web LOL.
    Yes, we are just coming out of winter and spring has sprung!
    ♥ PLEASE REMEMBER all, if your not yet following my blog PLEASE, PLEASE do. I would love you to stay updated on my blog...Im happy to do the same for you. xoxo

  8. I came across your blog from The Graphics Fairy's Brag Monday... Love this project! The frames, the prints on bible paper... awesome! I was looking for a little inspiration, and I think I got it. ;-) Thanks!!

  9. OMG! Love this look. FANTASTIC! My fav is the chair.
    Autumn Clark

  10. Love these! Featuring you on Facebook today.
    Thanks SO much for linking up!
    Christina at I Gotta Create!