Monday, September 27, 2010

My fab new DIY lamp.

I have been reading alot about recovering and renovating lamps lately On blogs like this  and I realy wanted to give this a try.
Firstly, I had this beautiful piece of wood that I found at the tipshop. It was solid wood and I think it may of once been a leg off a small table. I had been using it outside with candles on top and it looked lovely however I felt it was wasted and it wasnt realy working outside.
I decided to paint it white and slightly rub it back. Im kicking myself that I didnt take any before/after shots of this.  My vey clever husband drilled holes in the base to put my lamp cords.

Secondly, I found an old lampshade at an op-shop that wasnt the prettiest,In fact it was quite blah!... but it was the perfect shape for what I was wanting.

 The fabric peeled off the base quite easy, as you can see.

I totaly took the lampshade apart and was left with a skeleton.  I used the backing cardboard as a template for my fabric.

I had some nice fabric that I purchased from Ikea a while back that I measured to fit the cardboard.  Note; if you decided to make this, make sure the fabric is slightlly bigger around the edges of the cardboard.

I sprayed adhesive glue on both the cardboard and the fabric and then very carfully layed the two together so they were neatly on top of each other.
Now, for the fun {but tricky} part.  I wrapped the shade around the two metal rings that form the shade, I sprayed a little more of the adhesive and tucked the fabric under the rim neatly so you cant see it.

Sticking pegs around the shade until it dries just keeps eveything in place.

Not the greatest of pics {sorry} but here is the finished product.  You can see the lampbase and shade all in one here.

I did a simular shade, in wasnt the best result, but Im determand to give it another go and perfect it LOL.

Sorry this wasnt the best tutorial, but check out this FaNtAsTiC tutorial here
that helped me with my lamp.

~Have fun xo


  1. Love the new fabric for your shades. Fantastic job! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it. Hope you have a fabulous week. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  2. Oh thankyou so much for your comment! what an honor...your site is awesome! Im glad you like my lamp. Im defintly going to try and join the sunday party each week. xoxo