Monday, September 6, 2010

♥Today all thoughts go to Nunu xoxo

Our little spidey man Nunu...
All thoughts go to my little baby nephew whom we affectionatly nick name 'nunu'.  Yesterday morning early (4am) he woke up with extreem temps (39.8*) and about an hour later had a seizure.  He's never had this happen before and was quite scary.
My sister was beside herself (as you would be) and he was uncontrollable for a few mins.  I recieved a text mesage from her a little while later saying they were up at the hospital.  I freaked and went straight up.
The poor little man.  He's only just turned 3 and he is a tiny little thing.
He has a red rash all over his body and a sore, sore throat, vomiting and the fevers arnt subsiding.  The docs at that stage were unsure what it is.
Now here I am over 24 hours later and they have admitted him in and put him in isolation.  They're thinking its one of 2 things...1) Swine flu  Or 2) Scarlet fever...I didnt know what scarlet fever was so googled it.  I do think it is this, but Im no doctor.  All I can say is all the symptoms and pics on google look alot like Nunu's rash.
My heart is breaking at the moment for this little guy...he's like my baby. 
Today we have his big sister with us and looks like she'll be with us for a bit this week.  She's worried about her little bro, as we all are.
Today I thought we would all make a big special get well card for him to cheer him up.  I'll post pics later to show you what we did.
**UpDaTe** I just got a call that the little man has been put into an isolation room at the hospital, and we still wont know 100% sure untill tomorrow what he's got :'0(

We love you little Nunu xoxoxoxox

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